Love - no heart - Yarn allthingsapplique

Love - no heart - Yarn

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About the Mini Design This Mini design is a Yarn embroidery design created/digitized in 2023 by All Things Applique for use on your embroidery machine.  This design stitches in sections and is intended to be stitched with yarn or Chenille-It materials.  Suggested Fonts and Products Our "yarn" designs have stops in place allowing you to stitch a section at a time.  The first step of the design is a placement stitch of the word Mini.  This shows you where you want to lay down your yarn or chenille-it material.  The next steps of the design stitch a bean stitch for extra hold.  The machine will stop at each change in color allowing you more control and to place each section at a time.  I like to use a little bit of spray adhesive on my yarn before placing it to help keep it in place.  Others have suggested using some temporary tape to help hold the yarn in place. For more tips and tricks, you can watch our tutorial video.   Sizes included in Download Hoop Size Stitches 5X7 3.87 x 6.85" 1631 6X10 5.36 x 9.50" 2188 7X11 5.93 x 10.50" 2391 8X12 6.49 x 11.50" 2600 8X8 7.50 x 4.24" 1758 9X9 8.50 x 4.80" 1981   Quality Assurance All of our designs are manually digitized and tested by an experienced team of professional embroiderers to ensure each design is of high quality and very easy to use. Designs are available immediately for download and are guaranteed/supported for a minimum of one year as well as a copy kept in your store profile for that amount of time as well.  Supported Formats PES HUS JEF SEW DST VIP VP3 EXP XXX BX ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

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