Trio Designs

Trio Applique and Embroidery Designs

Trio Designs For Machine Embrodiery

Trio designs are a set of three similar graphics that are made to work as a set. Trio Designs are a quick and easy way to create something with lots of detail and color while still having a classic look. Trio Designs cut out some of the work from finding designs to pair together and sizing them individually to match. Each Trio is a single stitch type or complementary stitches, and comes in multiple size variations and may range from 4” up to larger. Pick out your favorite Embroidery Font or Applique Lettering and you have a fantastic, easy-to-use, customizable design that your family or customers will be happy to wear or use Check out our popular Ballet Trio and Flower Trio in bean stitch or our brand new Thanksgiving Trio.

Have an idea for a trio?

We are always accepting ideas for designs and styles. It won't be possible to incorporate all ideas into our schedule, but it’s great to hear new and fresh ideas. Let us know your idea and we will get back to you if it’s something we would like to develop.