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Fairies - Sketch

$4.50 450
Fairy Sketch Embroidery Designs - 5 Fairy Designs with Star Wand and Crown - by All Things Applique You will receive 5 individual fairy designs in 4 sizes each. You can merge the fairies together any way you like! Above a name...around a name...surrounding a monogram...so many possibilities! You must have merging software for embroidery designs in order to merge designs together. I recommend Embrilliance, Embird, or Sew What Pro. Note: This design is stitched with a "sketch" fill stitch, meaning it is less dense than a traditional fill stitch design.The fairies are then outlined with a bean stitch. Try stitching the outline in a thread color slightly darker than the fill stitch to make the design "pop"! Fairy 1 Sizes Include:2" tall: 1.80 x 1.96" Stitches: 23294X4 hoop:2.76 x 3.00" Stitches: 36505X7 hoop:4.13 x 4.50" Stitches: 55096X10 hoop:5.40 x 5.88" Stitches: 7505 Fairy 2 Sizes Include:2" tall: 1.50 x 1.96" Stitches: 22794X4 hoop:2.29 x 3.00" Stitches: 36505X7 hoop:3.43 x 4.49" Stitches: 56416X10 hoop:4.48 x 5.87" Stitches: 7762 Fairy 3 Sizes Include:2" tall: 1.37 x 1.99" Stitches: 21944X4 hoop:2.06 x 2.99" Stitches: 34615X7 hoop:3.09 x 4.49" Stitches: 52226X10 hoop: 4.04 x 5.87" Stitches: 7256 Fairy 4 Sizes Include:2" tall: 1.36 x 1.90" Stitches: 25534X4 hoop:2.04 x 2.85" Stitches: 40375X7 hoop: 3.08 x 4.30" Stitches: 63026X10 hoop: 4.03 x 5.62" Stitches: 8664 Fairy 5 Sizes Include:2" tall: 1.57 x 1.90" Stitches: 25334X4 hoop: 2.27 x 2.75" Stitches: 38255X7 hoop: 3.51 x 4.25" Stitches: 62286X10 hoop: 4.59 x 5.56" Stitches: 8639 Formats:PES, HUS, JEF, SEW, DST, VIP, VP3, EXP, XXX

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