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Christmas Lights Embroidery Font

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About the Christmas Lights Embroidery Font The Christmas Lights Embroidery Font is an Embroidery Font  created/digitized in 2022 by All Things Applique for use on your embroidery machine. This font includes the BX format which turns this font into a keyboard font. This font has so many possibilities! In addition to a full alphabet in 4 sizes (1", 2", 3" and 4") you also receive twelve different strands of Christmas lights to weave in an out of any name or phrase you wish! In order to achieve the weaving effect, I recommend creating two different objects for your name.  For example, if you were to stitch the name "Andrew", I would create an object with letters A_d_e and a separate object wither letters _n_r_w.  I would put whichever lights design I liked best to stitch in between those two objects.  Your machine would stitch the "A_d_e" letters, then the Christmas lights then the letters "n_r_w".  NOTE: You will need embroidery software in order to merge the letters and lights together before sending the design to your embroidery machine.  In addition to the alphabet, you will receive 12 strands of Christmas lights in multiple sizes.  You will also receive a pdf document that shows you which lights correspond to which letter/number/symbol for the BX system. This font is a unicase font which means all letters are the same height.  You may skip the strands of lights and use the letters of this font year round!  Sizes included in Download   Letter Size Lights 1-10 Lights 11-12 (curve) 1.0" 3.5" wide 5X7 2.0" 4.5" wide 6X10 3.0" 5.5" wide 8X8 4.0" 6.5" wide 9X9 7.5" wide 8.5" wide     Quality Assurance All of our designs are manually digitized and tested by an experienced team of professional embroiderers to ensure each design is of high quality and very easy to use. Designs are available immediately for download and are guaranteed/supported for a minimum of one year as well as a copy kept in your store profile for that amount of time as well.      Supported Formats PES HUS JEF SEW DST VIP VP3 EXP XXX BX ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

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