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#1271 2018 Bundle
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You will receive 138 designs (including 2 applique alphas and 4 embroidery fonts) as well as our Family Stitck People Set.

Valentine Trio – Sketch

Valentine Trio – Bean

LOVE Machine – Bean

Little Love Bug

Sweet Talker

Little Miss Kissy Face

Linter Stinker – Bean

Follow Your Heart

Dream Boat – Bean

Love is in the Air

Hugs & Kisses

Heart Candy Trio – Bean

Easter Trio 2 – Sketch

Easter Trio 2 – Bean

Easter Trio 1 – Sketch

Easter Trio 1 – Bean

St Patrick’s Trio – Sketch

St Patrick’s Trio – Bean

Mardi Gras Trio 1 – Bean

Mardi Gras Trio 1 – Sketch

Mardi Gras Trio 2 – Bean

Mardi Gras Trio 2 – Sketch

Crane with Heart – Bean

Who Needs Luck – Bean

Cutest Clover in the Patch – Bean

Three Crosses – Zig Zag

Bunny Holding Egg 2

Bunny with Egg and Grass

Easter Sign Girl

Easter Sign Boy

Chillin with my Peeps

The Hunt is On – Bean

Peep Trio – Vintage

Chick with Sunglasses – Bean

Hide and Seek Bunny – Bean

Behind Beautiful Blanket Alpha

Flighty Birds – Quick Stitch

Flighty Bird Trio – Bean

Flight Bird 6 – Bean

Flighty Bird 5 – Bean

Flighty Bird 4 – Bean

Flighty Bird 3 – Bean

Flighty Bird 2 – Bean

Flighty Bird 1 – Bean

Unicorn Circle Frame

Unicorn Cupcake

Unicorn Satin

Unicorn Bean

Unicorn Numbers 1-6

T-Rex Eating Numbers 1-6

Funky Flag – Zig Zag

Funky Flag – Sketch

Funky Flag – Bean

Funky Flag - Blanket

Crab Trio – Bean

Apple Flatbed Truck – Bean

Apple with Bow – Bean

Jellyfish Seahorse Trio – Bean

Fish Trio – Bean

Seahorse Trio – Bean

Dolphin Whale Orca Trio – Bean

Dolphin Trio – Bean

Flower Trio – Quick Stitch

Flower Trio – Bean

Star Trio – Bean

Star Trio Zig Zag

Star Trio – Scribble

Patriotic Ice Cream – Satin

Patriotic Ice Cream – Bean

Statue of Liberty Crown – Satin

Statue of Liberty Crown – Bean

Watermelon Star – Bean

Watermelon Star – Satin

Boom Y’all

Stars and Stripes

She Persisted Applique

She Persisted Font

Candy Corn Trio – Blanket

Candy Corn Trio – Bean

Candy Corn Trio – Sketch

Halloween Trio -Bean

Halloween Trio – Sketch

Pumpkin Train – Sketch

Pumpkin Train – Satin

Pumpkin Train – Bean

Pumpkin 5 – 4 ways

Pumpkin 4 – 4 ways

Sugar Skull Trio

Sugar Skull Pumpkin Bean

Sugar Skull Pumpkin Satin

Sugar Skull 1 Bean

Sugar Skull 2 Bean

Sugar Skull 3 Bean

Halloween Dino Bean

Witch Pumpkin – Bean

Motif Pumpkin

Vintage Girl Carrying Pumpkin

Pumpkin 6 Bean

Scarecrow with Flower Hat

Scarecrow with Star Hat

Pilgrim Turkey

Bow Turkey

Turkey Silhouette Sketch

Turkey Silhouette Bean

Stick Leg Turkey Zig Zag

Stick Leg Turkey Bean

Pumpkin Cross Turkey Trio

Pumpkin Turkey Football Trio

Triple Scribble Font

Folk Stocking

Folk Snowman

Folk Santa

Folk Presents

Folk Ornaments

Folk Christmas Tree

Folk Christmas Dove

Folk Candle

Turkey with Monogram Circle Sketch

Turkey with Monogram Circle Bean

Hands off my Pie

Family Turkey and Football oh my

Eat Pray Give Thanks

Family Stick People Set

Do you Love me font

Eyes Wide Open font

Star Christmas Tree Zig Zag

Star Christmas Tree Bean

Bow Christmas Tree Zig Zag

Bow Christmas Tree Bean

Trim the Tree Coupe Quick Stitch

Santa Sleigh Coupe Trio Sketch

Reindeer Coupe

Santa Hat Coupe

Present Coupe

Christmas Lights Coupe

Christmas Tree Coupe

Funky Reindeer - Blanket

Funky Reindeer Silhouette

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